how it works

  • 01

    Both parties agree on the terms of transaction

  • Buyer transfers funds to secure ZoomEscrow account


  • 03

    The Buyer and Seller handle the transfer of assets directly

  • Both parties provide written authorization to release the funds


  • 05

    Escrow funds are released to the seller

  • Both parties are protected, every step of the way.


how it works

Agreement of Terms
Both parties finalize the details of their agreement. This includes the sale price, which assets will be transferred, and the length of the escrow period. This agreement will serve as the legal guide for the transaction.

Buyer Transfers Funds To Escrow
For efficiency and security, payments must be made with wire transfers. These funds are temporarily held in escrow in a non-interest bearing trust account until the transaction is complete. We verify the receipt of funds before continuing.

Seller Transfers Assets to Buyer
Once we receive the buyer’s wire transfer, we then advise the Seller to begin transferring all relevant assets (website logins, domains, emails, inventory, customer and supplier lists, etc.). The Buyer and Seller handle these transfers directly. ZoomEscrow does not facilitate this transfer.

Both Parties Authorize Release of Funds
Once both parties have given us written authorization that all terms of the agreement have been fulfilled, ZoomEscrow releases the funds to the Seller.  ZoomEscrow does not release until both parties agree to the release in writing

Transaction Complete!
From Agreement of Release of Funds, we walk with you and are available every step of the way. We work with both parties to assure a safe, painless, and speedy transaction.

Professional and Personable Service
Your experienced escrow officer is available at any step to personally aid in all aspects of the transaction. There is no room for uncertainty or worry since we are honestly and diligently protecting your assets every step of the way.