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About Us

Zoom Escrow was made with one mission in mind: To save you more time and money with escrow transactions that are fast, professional and secure.

During the last 8 years in the industry, our team has personally closed several 6 and 7 figure online businesses, so we understand the pain points of online escrow.

benefits of working with us

Low Escrow Fees

  • We have simple pricing:
  • $1,000 for deals under $1 Million
  • $2,500 for deals of $1 Million+
  • Nothing More

Lightning Fast Service

We work with both parties to expedite the funding process.

Secure Transaction

We use our proprietary secured service to help ensure fraud prevention and keep transactions safe and secure.

In House Attorney

We have an experienced business attorney based in the USA who will help facilitate your transaction at no extra charge.

How Our Secure Escrow Service Works

Start Escrow

Provide payment terms of the sale and other required information. The licensed Escrow Officer then prepares escrow instructions and documents for signature.


Deposit Funds & Transfer Assets

Our in house attorney will help facilitate the Buyer’s deposit of funds into escrow, confirm receipt of the funds and advise the Seller when they can begin transferring assets.


Disburse Funds

Once everyone confirms that assets have been transferred, we'll safely and securely disburse the escrow funds.


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